JGS Cemetery

On November 1st (All Saints Day) 2015, The Covenant Community of Jesus the Good Shepherd was proud to dedicate our new cemetery. The cemetery is part of a larger network of Catholic cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Washington. Arranging for a proper Christian burial in accordance with church teaching is our final and lasting witness of our resounding "Yes" to Jesus's call. A Catholic cemetery also serves the living faithful.  Cemeteries offer the living the opportunity for consolation, hope, and remembrance. A cemetery is a tangible monument of the extended community of Christian believers, which is unbroken by death.


Who May be Buried at the JGS Cemetery

Our cemetery is open to people of all faiths. For more information about the cemetery, please review the three brochures below. These brochures include answers to commonly asked questions about in-ground and columbarium burials, pricing information, payment plan options, and important contact information.

Memorial for the Unborn

The JGS cemetery includes a dedicated area to memorialize unborn children and associated burial space.  For more information about this special place within the cemetery, please contact the church office or call the office at 410-257-3810.

memorial to the unborn.jpg

Brochures and additional Information

The following is a list of important information about purchasing grave sites and the use of our cemetery, including contact information. Please call Catholic Cemeteries at 301-475-5005 or email: qop@ccaw.org