Accomodating Hearts

What: A ministry with persons with disabilities

When: Times vary

Contact: Jean Reams ▪


Adult Faith Advisory Board

What: Advises AFF Director on events/offerings for community growth

When: Communication via email throughout the year

Contact: Kelley Magnuson ▪ 410-257-3810 x14 ▪


Alcoholics Anonymous

What: Regular AA meetings

When: Sundays 7pm in the Cove

Contact: Kevin McAndrews ▪ 301-502-3517 ▪


What: Provide toys & gifts to those in financial need in our community

When: Held during Advent

Contact: Liz Grover ▪ 571-243-3943 ▪


Angel Tree

What: Assists in offering care to those in grief and implementing funerals

When: Days vary

Contact: Vicki Thorne ▪ 301-325-4904 ▪


Bereavement Ministry

What: Provides support to Caregivers providing for others with medical needs

When: 1st Thursday of each month, 6:30pm in the Centre

Contact: Carolyn Austin ▪ 410-257-2508 / 443-257-2508 ▪


Caregivers Together

What: Help watch children in nursery. Must attend training & be fingerprinted.

When: Sunday morning Mass, special events

Contact: Front Office ▪ 410-257-3810 ▪


Childcare Nursery Helper

What: Fixing homes of seniors and impoverished persons in Calvert County

When: Last Saturday in April

Contact: Randy Kozik ▪ 301-520-2537 ▪ Glenn Phelps ▪

Christmas in April

What: Assisting with our county’s family shelter in Prince Frederick

When: Times vary depending on needs and your availability

Contact: Judy Allison ▪ 410-257-3733 ▪

ECHO Project

What: Collecting, sorting and delivering food to county pantry in North Beach

When: Throughout the year

Contact: Cynthia Wagenhofer ▪ 410-257-3810 x18 ▪

Food Pantry

What: Prepping, cooking, serving, set-up/clean-up for receptions.

When: Throughout year whenever you are available to help

Contact: Front Office ▪ 410-257-3810 ▪

Funeral Receptions

What: Help keep the Prayer Garden looking beautiful with planting & weeding.

When: As needed, times vary

Contact: David LaRosa ▪ 443-550-3126 ▪

Garden Guild

What: Make or buy meals for members in times of illness, crisis and new babies.

When: As needed and as you are able to help

Contact: Theresa Mills ▪ 410-349-6123 ▪

Helping Hands

What: Full meal that spends time remembering/honoring the Last Supper.

When: Thursday evening of Holy Week during Lent

Contact: Mary Otranto ▪ 301-855-2689 ▪

Holy Thursday Ritual Meal

What: Maintaining grounds with mowing, weeding, planting. Supplies provided.

When: Throughout the year

Contact: Gerald Cullens ▪ 443-964-8502 ▪

Landscaping and Grounds

What: Supper of soup and salad for the community. Volunteers needed!

When: Every Friday night during Lent

Contact: Kim Addison ▪ 410-257-0223 ▪

Lenten Simple Suppers

What: Archdiocesan network to deal with legislative issues with a Christian voice

When: Monthly

Contact: Front desk ▪ 410-257-3810 ▪

Maryland Catholic Conference

What: A group who organizes and plans updates to our books/media/tech/room.

When: Times vary

Contact: Front desk ▪ 410-257-3810 ▪

Media Center Committee

What: Help with registration, working tables, or giving blood.

When: Held 4 times a year on a Sunday morning

Contact: Cheryl Gilmer ▪ 301-509-3642 ▪ Kara Muffley ▪ 301-812-1077 ▪

Red Cross Blood Drive

What: Providing a week of shelter, food & comfort for our county’s homeless

When: 1 week in March, held at All Saints Episcopal

Contact: Jack Neill ▪ 202-423-8677 ▪

Safe Nights

Safety and Security Committee

In an effort to be proactive and establish a safe environment, Jesus the Good Shepherd has established a Safety and Security Committee. 

Mission: The Safety and Security Committee are JGS parishioners who are trained professionals in the area of public safety, emergency response and building security. Their role is to be proactive in advising the pastor in matters of safety and security to benefit all who use our facilities at JGS.

The Committee takes an all hazards approach and is always open to suggestions and insight from parishioners. 

If you have suggestions or questions contact the Safety and Security Committee.

What: A team to clean and decorate the sanctuary for Mass & special events

When: Weekly

Contact: Jo Kaputa ▪ 443-610-3817 ▪

Sanctuary Guild

What: Decorating inside and outside the church for special holidays/seasons

When: As needed; especially at Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter

Contact: Front Office ▪ 410-257-3810 ▪

Seasonal Church Decoration

What: Purchase bargain food package or assist with monthly food distribution

When: 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month, 8-10:30am

Contact: Lynn Robinson ▪ 443-964-8054 ▪ Ned Waugaman ▪

SHARE Food Program


Shepherd’s Watch

What: This program is designed to provide multiple layers to provide more coverage and a larger base of safety procedure knowledge among parishioners. It consists of Clergy, security volunteers, and other parishioners who are trained to react and assist during emergencies.

The lead Shepherd’s Watch Program team members are highly trained individuals who usually have a background in safety and security.  They will be the point of contact at the facility during mass or other large events for incidents related to safety and security.  

When: Every other month / scheduled masses  

Contact: Dan Dusseau ▪

SOS! - Serving our seniors

What: SOS! is dedicated to helping older adults in our parish “age in place” by assisting them with tasks that have become more difficult to handle. If you are interested in assisting SOS as a volunteer please be sure to contact us. All are welcome.

Contact: Raleigh Weckbaugh ▪ 410-610-2953 ▪