Charity, Fraternity, unity, Patriotism

From the moment of our founding in 1882, charity has been the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. We are Catholic men of faith and charitable action. Council 14572 of Jesus the Good Shepherd was founded in 2008 and through our fundraising activities and charitable works we have donated thousands of dollars to programs that benefit our youth and others in need. 

Called to do More? 

Are you feeling called to do more, but you are afraid of a time commitment you can't keep. We ALL feel that way and at different times in our life we are able and are called to do different things for the Kingdom of God. But make no mistake, that call is real. Only you and your family can decide what you have to give to God's Church, but whether it's handing out flowers on Mother's Day or something more ambitious, the Knights of Columbus is here to serve as a vehicle for hope and change at Jesus the Good Shepherd. Contact us to learn more. 


  • Host breakfasts every 3rd Sunday

  • 5th Sunday Rosaries

  • Business meetings held every 2nd Wednesday (members only)

  • Covenant Sunday meal service