Bridge Club

What: A social group playing beginner-intermediate standard American bridge

When: Every 2nd & 4th Mondays

Contact: Rose Vandyke ▪ 443-964-4409 ▪

Digital Photography

What: Use your camera & good eye to help capture moments at special events

When: Throughout the year; choose events that fit your schedule

Contact: Nick Iascone ▪ 443-964-6128 ▪


What: Set up and serve provided baked goods after assigned Masses

When: After each Mass every weekend (except for KofC breakfast mornings)

Contact: Jo Kaputa ▪ 443-610-3817 ▪

What: A social group playing a Chinese tile-based game similar to rummy

When: Every 1st & 3rd Mondays

Contact: Sue Baczynski ▪ 443-550-3317 ▪


What: Social group of women serving God & Community through events

When: 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Centre

Contact: Mary Menoche ▪ 301-855-7378 ▪ Gael Dusseau ▪ 443-964-4875 ▪

Martha & Mary Society

What: Meetings to welcome and register new members

When: Every other month, held on Sundays after 2nd Mass

Contact: Julie O’Keefe ▪ 410-610-8315 ▪

New Members Ministry

What: Independent work; pieces are sold in the spring to support youth missions

When: Scheduled times vary

Contact: Mike Martin ▪ 410-610-7625 ▪

Pottery Studio

What: Social group of mature adults with fun events and outings

When: Monthly

Contact: Ed Reilly ▪ 443-968-9679 ▪

Second Spring