Shepherd’s Watch



Clergy, ministry leaders, parishioners, employees and visitors all provide a critical element to a safe and efficient reaction during an emergency situation.  Studies have demonstrated that victim mitigation, that is how people react during crisis, is many times the factor that determines survival. 

However, because of the nature of the Jesus the Good Shepherd campus and the variety of people and events that occur at the facilities, it is important to have trained volunteers, to act as authority figures when a crisis does occur. These volunteers can influence how others respond in an emergency.  Calm, collected, consistent and clear directions will have a reassuring effect on those involved. However, since trained volunteers cannot possible be present at all times, it is important for all parishioners to be prepared for emergencies and to familiarize themselves on proper procedures.

In an effort to be proactive and establish a safe environment, Jesus the Good Shepherd has established a Safety and Security Committee. 


Mission: The Safety and Security Committee are JGS parishioners who are trained professionals in the area of public safety, emergency response and building security. Their role is to be proactive in advising the pastor in matters of safety and security to benefit all who use our facilities at JGS.


If you want to learn more, be trained and join the watch, contact the Safety and Security Committee.

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