What: Precious & powerful time in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

When: Thursdays 8:30am-8:45pm

Contact: Jeanette Reinecker ▪ 301-855-5755 ▪

Annulment Ministry

What: Assistance with the annulment process to return to Sacramental Life

When: By appointment

Contact: May Toepfer ▪ 443-550-3659 ▪

Baptismal Preparation

What: Class to prepare parents for this Sacramental gateway for their children

When: 3rd Sunday of every month following the 2nd morning Mass

Contact: Maggie Gorman ▪ 410-414-7172 ▪

What: Journey through the Bible using a phenomenal DVD/study program

When: Sundays, 9:30am in Shepherd’s Cove (Fall & Spring)

Contact: Kathy Jenkins-Mann ▪ 410-286-9268 ▪


Bible Timeline

What: A group that chooses a spiritual book to read and discuss together

When: 3rd Sunday of the month after Mass, 6:15-8pm, Upper Media Center

Contact: Mimi Miller ▪ 410-257-9051 ▪

Book Club

Children’s Church

What: Volunteer to take our young children for their own age-appropriate Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the 9:45/10:45am Sunday Mass. Can you help during this time?

Contact: Jan Coker ▪

What: Life-changing weekends of Mass, talks, meditations & fellowship

When: Weekends vary throughout the year

Contact: Francis & Judy Langley ▪ 301-855-7061 ▪

Cursillo Retreat and Ultreya

(Cursillo reunions)

What: Focus discussion group on the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ

When: Weekly

Contact: Cathy Martinoli ▪ 240-832-2604 ▪

Divine Mercy Devotion

What: Gathering for a community potluck breakfast

When: First Saturday of each month after morning Mass

Contact: Steve Marinaccio ▪ 301-855-6097 ▪

First Saturday Breakfast

What: Small groups using provided DVD/study materials in homes or at church

When: During the weeks of Lent; choose a day/time that is convenient for you

Contact: Kelley Magnuson ▪ 410-257-3810 x14 ▪

Lenten Small Groups

What: Groups with lively readings, videos & discussions to enhance marriage

When: Once a month on a Saturday night, & occasionally a Friday night

Contact: Maureen Curtis ▪ 443-964-8663 ▪

Marriage Couples Enrichment

What: Trained couples discussing a wide-range of topics with engaged couples

When: 3-5 sessions per engaged couple; arranged for mutual convenience

Contact: Danny & Kim Addison ▪

Marriage Prep for the Engaged

What: Represent the parish at archdiocese legislative gatherings

When: Times vary

Contact: Front office ▪ 410-257-3810 ▪

Maryland Catholic Conference

What: Jesuit-directed retreat on the banks of the Potomac for spiritual growth

When: Weekend event in early spring

Contact: Michael Dorsett ▪ 301-518-5711 ▪

Men’s Retreat (Loyola)

What: Group for moms to share, make new friends & learn about faith/parenting

When: Monthly, Wednesday morning

Contact: Jennifer Rabalais ▪ 337-298-2150 ▪

MOMS Group

(Ministry of Mothers Sharing)

What: Online learning & class opportunities on fertility awareness & pregnancy

When: At your convenience


Natural Family Planning

What: A group praying for requests given through email communication

When: As requested

Contact: Mary Ann Silva ▪ 410-257-5438 ▪

Prayer Chain

What: Help for troubled marriages; Catholic program designed for renewal

When: Choose a weekend that works for you



What: Learn to make rosaries to give away as gifts and for adoration use

When: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Contact: John Pearson ▪ 410-286-0152 ▪

Rosary Group

What: Friendly, confidential discussion group to support those in need

When: 1st and 3rd Sundays, 7:30-9pm

Contact: Jerry Worrell ▪ 410-257-3267 ▪

Separated / Divorced Catholics

What: Making shawls for those in need of comfort, solace and well-being

When: 3rd Tuesday of each month, 1-3pm, Upper Media Center

Contact: Rose Van Dyke ▪ 443-964-4409 ▪

Shawl Ministry

What: Online videos & refresher for Catholics returning to the Church

When: At your convenience

Contact: , user name: JGSAFF, password: JGSAFF


(Spiritual Program for All Returning Catholics)

What: 5-day program for PreK-6th with lessons, crafts, games, snacks & music.

When: Full week after July 4th

Contact: Mary Catherine Ball ▪ 410-206-1762 ▪

Vacation Bible School

What: Compassionate group reaching out to those who have lost a spouse

When: Monthly

Contact: Jean Parrish ▪

Widow & Widower Support Group

What: Spring retreat at JGS to refresh and renew your spiritual journey

When: Held on a Saturday during Lent

Contact: Judy Allison ▪

Women’s Lenten Retreat